Consultants 500 is a new marketplace where you can search, compare and review a wide range of independent business advisors. Basically, we try helping to connect Advisors with their Clients and vice versa.

Via this blog, we will regularly post articles that we think are relevant for the expertise sectors covered by our platform. Such articles can be expertise specific or can be relevant for all expertizes and they can be written from a Client’s or Advisor’s perspective.

However, who knows best what is relevant for your industry, what topic is trending or what the latest developments are in your industry? That will certainly be our users, the Advisors who created a profile on our platform or potential Clients who are trying to find the right Advisor for the job.

That’s why we highly encourage our users and other independent business advisors to publish on our Blog.

Guest Posting Guidelines

  • You should be a Professional Service Provider in one of the following sectors: Accounting, Advisory, Consulting, Legal, Tax, Marketing & PR, Web Design or Development, Recruiting & HR, Writing & Translation or Design & Multimedia.
  • When you are on the Client side and make use of one of the above Service Providers you are also very welcome to submit your articles.
  • There is no need that you have a completed profile on our platform as a Consultant / Company or as a Client searching for Advisors on our platform. But you are always welcome to create a profile!
  • We prefer that you write under your own name but we recognize that sometimes pseudonyms are necessary.
  • Articles should be 800 words minimum, (this post is approximately 900 words) written from an objective but practical viewpoint and you should avoid a theoretical or academic tone.
  • Articles should offer readers clear advice, takeaways, insights and practical how-to-tips about your specific topic.
  • The article should have a clear structure, with headings, bullets and may include tables, charts, and pictures where relevant.
  • Your article should preferably be a new one that has not yet been published anywhere but it can also be an existing one, e.g. already published on your own blog.
  • Articles accepted for publication will likely be edited by us for clarity and to conform to our Consultants 500 house style. We may change your title too, so you might want to suggest some alternatives.
  • In each publication written by one of our users we will link to your profile on our platform (when you are a Consultant or a Company) and we will also link to your website when it fits in the context of the story you have to tell.
  • We never pay guest contributors for their occasional published articles.

How to Submit

If you want to submit an article, please send the following items to (subject line: “Guest Posting“):

  1. Your email used for registering on our platform or another one if you are not a user.
  2. Your proposed article in Word format (no pdf files), as an email attachment.
  3. A link to 2 or more other sample articles, ideally from 600 to 1200 words in length, you have written and posted before.
  4. The link to the web page you would like to include in the article and which may be included when it will be published.
  5. A link to the original article, in case your article has already been published somewhere else.
  6. At the beginning of your article, list two or three bullet points summarizing its key takeaways, lessons learned and the how-tos contained in the article. They may be published along with the article.

We accept Guest Posts on a rolling basis and we apply no deadlines between your submittal and actual publishing date of your article.

Whom should I Write for and about What?

Our platform focusses on independent Advisors and Business in need for Advisors and we try to help them connect. The business areas covered are the most common business advisory needs of an average large to mid-sized company like advice on Accounting, Consulting, Legal, Tax, Marketing, Web Development & Design, Recruiting or Writing & Translation type of services.

As an Advisor / Freelancer it would be great if you could share:

  • Typical challenges / needs / questions / pain points of your Clients (and how to fix them).
  • Latest trends and developments in your industry.
  • Great resources for your Clients to follow, to stay up to date on the latest developments in your industry.
  • The impact of Technology on your industry.
  • Checklists for startups or fast growing companies covering your industry.
  • If you use a lot of tools or technologies for your work, what are they and why are they so useful for you.

As a Client who uses Advisors on a regular basis it would be great if you could share:

  • Typical challenges / needs / questions / pain points you face within your business for which you would hire advisors.
  • What makes a good Advisor and what not, in your view.
  • If you used to be on the other side (meaning the advisory side) and have moved to the corporate side as an in-house advisor, what are the main differences in your work and what would you do differently now if you would become an external advisor again.

How Does Consultants 500 Promote my Post?

We will promote all publications via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+. All publications are also emailed to our subscribers on a monthly basis.

There are a few ways you can help us, too, so that your publication gets maximum exposure:

  • Tweet it to your network. Feel free to mention @consultants500!
  • Share an update from your LinkedIn profile.
  • Share it on Facebook and Google+ and tag Consultants 500.

You made it to the end! We appreciate it taking the time. Do you still have additional questions? Just drop us an email at and we will try to help you.