Does your website and our website target the same audience, but only for different purposes? If the answer is yes, then we see this as a great opportunity from which both of us can benefit!

Why Should We Partner?

Who Are We?

Consultants 500 is a platform where you can find Jobs, Professionals, and more in the Professional Services sector. We have a 100% Professional Services focus, and therefore all our visitors have a direct interest in the Professional Services sector.

Our platform covers the main service areas within Professional Services such as Accounting, Consulting, Legal, Marketing and Web Design, and many more, as you can see on our home page.

Who Are You?

You, as a Partner, also have an active Professional Services focus, and therefore most of your visitors are somehow connected to or interested in Professional Services in general (or in one of its specialist service lines such as Web Design, Accounting, Legal, etc.).

How Can Both of Us Benefit From This?

  • Both of our visitors have a clear overlap: Professional Services interest or background.
  • We do our thing related to Professional Services (finding Jobs & Professionals).
  • You do your thing around Professional Services (can be many things, see below).
  • But there is no overlap in our core business activities.
  • We just happen to (partly) target the same audience who are interested in your services at some point in time and the next day in ours.
  • Therefore we see a huge opportunity here by cross-referencing visitors who have a mutual interest.

How Should We Partner?

There are many ways how businesses like ours can partner, and most partnerships take a lot of preparation, implementation time, and paperwork. As a starter, we would like to go for a highly practical approach, which is hassle-free, and that can be operational within a few minutes.

As said, we see tremendous opportunities here by cross-referencing visitors who have mutual interest. This win-win situation can be accomplished in the following way:

  • We include a link to your website, that is placed at a strategic location on our website, and as such, we route visitors to your site who apparently have an interest in your services because otherwise, they would never click on the link.
  • You include a link to our website, that is placed at a comparable strategic location on your website, and as such, you route visitors to our website who apparently have an interest in our services because otherwise, they would never click on the link.

What Is a Comparable Strategic Location & Other Details

In general, strategic locations on a website are top menu bars or side-menu bars that appear on the website permanently. Depending on the site architecture of the website, these top or side-menu bars (and thus the cross-referencing links) appear on all pages of a website or only on a select number of pages of the website.

On our website, a strategic location is available at blog level whereby each of our Professional Services expertise levels like Accounting, Legal, or Web Design have their own side-menu. Thus, for instance, the side-menu bar for Accounting references to an Accounting Magazine while the side-menu bar for Web Design references to a specialized Web Design Blog.

On your website, a strategic location would be at a comparable position.

A strategic location is not including a link in one of the published articles, guides, etc.

We are only interested in multi-channeling visitors between both websites because those visitors have a mutual interest in a Professional Services area, and we are NOT interested in any type of links swapping arrangements.

Yes, I Want to be a Partner, What’s Next?

Only 3 steps.

1) If you also see an opportunity here, drop us an email at (subject line: “Partner Link“) and include:

  • The location on our Blog you have in mind to include a Partner Link to your website.
  • To what webpage should the Partner Link refer to?
  • The anchor text you have in mind for your Partner Link.
  • The location(s) on your website you have in mind where to include a Partner Link to our website.

2) If we also see a mutual opportunity, we will get back to you with the same details but then from our perspective.

3) Assuming we are both happy, the next step is to include the Partner Links, and then all is done (and that only in a few minutes).

Strategic Partners Visualized


Example Cross-Reference Opportunities

Our visitors & users mainly visit our Consultants 500 platform to find Jobs, Professionals these particular Professional Services sectors: Accounting, Consulting, Legal, Tax, Marketing, Web Design, Recruiting & HR, Writing & Translation and Design & Multimedia.

However, because our users & visitors (and your’s) obviously have a much broader interest, there is a clear Cross-Reference Opportunity when your website fulfills these 2 criteria:

  1. Your website focuses on any of these sectors: Accounting, Consulting, Legal, Tax, Marketing, Web Design, Recruiting & HR, Writing & Translation, and Design & Multimedia.
  2. Concerning one of the above sectors, you provide added value to your users because your website focuses (partly) on one or more of the following activities:
    • News / Blogs / Magazines / Podcasts
    • Professional Literature
    • Give insights via Guides, White Papers, etc
    • Provide Industry / Sector related information
    • Perform Surveys
    • Perform Book Reviews
    • Sell certain Tools, Software or Applications (or review them)
    • Recruiting Related activities (but no Job Board)
    • Are an Association
    • Provide Online Courses (or review them)
    • Are a University (or review and rank them)
    • Perform Global / Regional Firm Rankings

Other Considerations

  • Drastically increase your referral traffic by placing Partner Links on permanent strategic locations instead of including links in articles that are read only once, and then they disappear between the thousands of other articles.
  • Another benefit is that the Partner Link will be good for SEO as it will be a do-follow link. If you have a preference for a no-follow Partner Link, that is also perfectly fine and then we create two mutual no-follow Partner Links.
  • We like to keep it simple and practical. So no written agreements, just mutual trust, and we will check-in once in a while to see whether everything is still in place, etc.
  • Do you want the Partner Link to be removed (on both sides)? Just drop us an email, and it’s done.

You made it to the end! We appreciate it taking the time. Do you want to Partner, or do you still have additional questions? Just drop us an email at, and we will get back to you.