Inbound marketing strategy

In today’s world, digital marketing is absolutely essential for any growing business. Companies that reject this notion often find themselves falling behind competitors and eventually having to close their doors. If your company is struggling to come up with an inbound marketing strategy, it may be time to hire a digital marketing specialist to try and change the future of your company.

When you first hire a marketing specialist, it is highly important that you go into great detail about what your inbound marketing strategy is going to be. Inbound marketing is driving customers to your site. It includes using social media platforms, using keywords, targeting specific audiences, and creating unique and quality content that people actually want to read.

There are many different strategies to choose from, and sometimes it is hard to determine which ones to focus on. Inbound marketing strategies also include using SEO skills, giving out surveys, making sure people are leaving reviews, responding to all feedback, creating blog posts, and much more. Usually, the first one that people start off with is social media.

Inbound marketing campaign

When a proper inbound marketing strategy is implemented, the traffic on your company website will increase greatly. Learning how to strategize an agenda for marketing is actually quite easy. The first thing to discuss is social media. Every day new apps and platforms are being created that allow for social sharing and free online business promotion. Websites such as Nextdoor, Foursquare, and Yelp provide review templates for customers to share their experiences and potential customers to decide if they want to give you their business.

Pinterest and Instagram are valuable tools for retail businesses since they now offer features that allow users to purchase items straight from the site. When people are bored and just browsing around on the popular page on Instagram, it could mutually beneficial to add your products so they can see them. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook all allow for in-depth social media campaigns such as contests, giveaways, and viral videos. When a video is shared on Facebook, it has the potential to reach millions, so why not take advantage of that as well?

Depending on the type of business that you run, different social media platforms may be chosen to focus on. For example, a construction company may use Facebook to target both men and women and people of all ages while a liquor brand may use just Twitter and Instagram to reach a younger crowd. The most useful social media platform that is used by most users is Facebook, and it is also popular all over the globe. Facebook provides detailed analytics as well so that a marketing person in the company can determine what strategies are working and what isn’t.

Personalized content

Creating content that is targeted towards specific niche groups is important for a wide variety of reasons. When someone comes to your website, they want to spend at least amount as time there as possible, so it is very important to keep them interested and from leaving the site. You want to keep them hooked from the moment they enter your site until they make a purchase and leave your site.

Targeting audiences is a bit harder than it looks. It takes a lot of research about consumers demographics, doing geolocation targeting, and doing keyword research. When you create a certain product or service, there is a specific customer in mind. This is your niche market. It is important for you to create content that matches up to that niche market.

Content strategy

Blogging is a great way for new customers to get driven to your website. Many companies hire bloggers and influencers to drive traffic to their websites. Fans trust celebrities when they post something online, so hiring a celebrity or local influencer is a fantastic way to get new customers as well as remind old customers to visit your website.

Influencers hold a lot of weight on platforms like Instagram and Twitter because they have staked their reputation and income on providing recommendations for reliable products and services. If they recommend a product or brand that is not high quality, they will lose followers. Sometimes it can be pricey to hire influencers depending on how many followers they have. Some celebrities charge tens of thousands of dollars for a single post.

Inbound marketing campaign

A proper inbound marketing campaign that is successful checks off a number of boxes. It grabs people’s attention, is relatable, and drives consumers to your website. An example of this is the Budweiser viral video from the Superbowl several years ago. This featured a small lab puppy waiting for his owner to come home. It was an anti-drinking and driving commercial. This not only brought attention to a very important issue but also brought awareness to their brand as well.

A good social media campaign also has a call to action. At the end of the video, or contest, or whatever it may be, there is something the reader must do. Toms, the popular shoe company, started a campaign about gun control, where they asked readers to sign up to send a letter to their local congressman. All that the reader had to do was fill out a form and the company sent a postcard for them. This brings attention to the Toms brand both when customers use the tool and several months later when the customer gets a follow-up letter from a local lawmaker.

Content personalization

In conclusion, content personalization is the most important factor to focus on when it comes to inbound marketing. Your website is where all of your business goes down, and the more people that visit the more popular the website will be on search results. Not only does inbound marketing drive consumers to your site, but it also increases your SEO as well. SEO is a growing part of marketing, and should never be ignored.

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