The majority of companies use at least one social media channel to communicate with the customers. Creating a bond with the audience starts with the implementation of a social media marketing strategy. Now, the main question is: Do you have the time and knowledge to run your marketing, or you prefer outsourced social media marketing?

In this article, you’ll find out why to outsource social media marketing, how to determine if you need it at all, and how to implement such a strategy into your existing marketing plan.

Why Outsource Social Media Marketing

Various businesses consider social media as the go-to marketing medium. However, some of them decide to handle the job themselves, especially if they run a family business or a small-scale business.

A part of the “DIY” group manages their social channels very well. Sadly, most of them fail to execute their strategies, or they lack the approach in the first place. So, let’s see what they’re doing wrong.

  • They post on social media only when they have the time to do it.

If you have a hundred things to do in a day, you will hardly find the time to post consistently and create contagious content when a social content marketing strategy is crucial in most content marketing efforts and vice versa. Moreover, most people in business who like to take the social strategy into their hands will post during business hours. What’s wrong with that, you may ask.

Well, most of your audience follows their favorite brand’s posts during their free time, rather than business hours.

  • They come off as salesy.

A busy business owner will have one task in their rare posts; to sell their product. Although you’re sometimes meant to sell the product directly, more often than not that’s not the case.

Social media is a primary communications tool between a brand and its customers and not a direct selling space. What’s more, it is the place for you to resolve additional issues with the repeat customers or answer to their queries.

  • If they lack the time, they’ll hire somebody in-house.

The last point is perfectly normal. Nonetheless, the person you’re going to hire has other tasks to do and maybe has more time than you to manage social, but three hours a week is not nearly enough.

Stop for a second. The three cons don’t mean we’re against managing social media by yourself. Every business is different, and you should consider many factors which influence your decision. Following are the pros of managing social media by yourself.

  • You know your customers very well.

Every business owner knows exactly what their customers need and how to give it to them. It is one of the most valuable assets you can have.

  • You have the knowledge about your products more than anyone else.

In case a customer has inquiries about the products, you’re the most competent to talk to them. Surely, you won’t blatantly promote every product you sell, but helpful advice sometimes works wonders.

  • People trust you more than a third-party person.

The last factor in your favor is the level of trust that people have in firsthand information.

However, the pros of outsourced social media marketing might outweigh your initial decision, so think about those before going into the venture on your own.

  • Social media managers are experts.

Once you hire social media managers, you will see an improvement in your ROI. They possess the platform-specific knowledge, as well as the right marketing tools for the platform.

  • The trained staff knows how to resolve potential issues.

Experts can handle issues more smoothly and without damage to your brand.

  • You’re saving time (and money).

Time is the most valuable resource you have. Outsourced social media marketing experts will save you time and eventually, money due to the rise of traffic to your site.

How to Determine Business Needs for Social

Before implementing a strategy, you’ll need to determine if there’s any need for social at all.

  1. Figure out how many of your customers use social and which platforms they prefer.
  2. Check out what the competition is doing on their social media.
  3. See if there’s a place for social in your current strategy.
  4. Weigh the need for social and the available funds.

Implementing a Social Media Marketing Strategy

To implement a social media strategy successfully, you have to decide whether you’re going to do it yourself or take the outsourced social media marketing approach.

If you’re doing it yourself, start learning about social media and the tools you can use in your strategy. The crucial thing here, however, is to have the time to learn all of those things.

In case you decided to hire an expert, make sure to know how to successfully outsource social media for your business.

Do You Use Outsourced Social Media Marketing?

Once you carefully weigh out the pros and cons of managing social by yourself or outsource social, it’s time to find out more about the field. Not only will you become a leader in your niche but prove you have the right knowledge for communicating with your customers.


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