A rigid and sterile workplace is not the most stimulating and inspiring environment. We have all seen our fair share of those dull cubicles that give people the dreads. The daily grind is bad enough, so there is no need to make it worse with a poor and unimaginative design.

Considering the amount of time people spend at offices, they are like a second home. Why not make them more inviting then? After all, office design is evolving rapidly, encompassing brave new concepts and moving the boundaries of what a corporate space represents. It is all about managing how your office looks and feels and putting together a workspace that will bring out the best in people.

The best of both worlds

Work environment has a profound impact on people’s mood and productivity. Everything from shapes and lines to colors and lighting affects our psyche, for better or worse. With smart and creative office design, you have a chance to set the tone for everyone and ignite creativity, efficiency, and lively interaction.

One of the chief tasks is to find a way to blend comfort and functionality. Note that more and more companies are designating chill-out and relaxation zones. There, people are encouraged to engage in impromptu meetings, casual conversations, and other activities that liberate from the shackles of formality. One of the most prominent trends revolves around adding home-like features and comfortable furniture. Also, many of these spaces include entertainment amenities that allow employees to unwind.

Likewise, it might be a good idea to create a refreshment corner. This place entices workers to get away from their desks and stand up. Taking a short break is linked to various mental and physical benefits. What is more, grabbing a sandwich or some fresh juice there recharges the batteries and empowers one to continue tackling daily obligations with renewed vigor.

A fresh restart

Enclosed environments tend to have low indoor air quality and a high level of pollution. These problems can impede peak productivity and lead to a variety of health issues. To keep them at bay, ensure better air circulation. Encourage everyone to open doors and windows every now and then and introduce indoor plants that act as natural air filters. You should also invest in a quality HVAC system – check out the new line of Frigidaire air conditioners to see what I’m talking about.

Apart from fresh air, you should maximize the amount of natural lighting, as its rejuvenating presence will lift spirits, boost health, and provide more functionality in the office. As an added benefit, you can reduce the electricity spent on artificial lighting. So, get rid of thick curtains and see whether it is possible to increase the window surface in any other way.

Infusing life and character

Next, do away with that strictly business décor and barren wall surfaces. Breathe new life into them with colors, textures, and patterns. Adhere to the principles of color psychology and disrupt the monochromatic scheme a bit. Use splashes of bold and brighter colors to spark visual interest and add unique artwork to walls. Think outside the box, beyond inspirational quotes and company logos. Finally, take a good look at how employees go about their business.

Gather feedback and allow them to personalize their workstations and surroundings. It is always preferable if they are able to use the space the way they see fit. That is one of the reasons why flexible, open office plan is gaining traction across industry sectors. It involves a versatile, multifunctional space that can be adjusted on the go, according to changing work patterns, requirements, and habits. Therefore, banish the clutter obstructing the flow of traffic and see if changing the layout makes sense for your organization.

Turn a new leaf

Unorganized and boring office space is the bane of worker productivity and engagement. It is time to bid farewell to the outdated concepts and pave the way for a new kind of office, one that increases the satisfaction and engagement of workers. Of course, you do not want to make things too cozy.

Try to strike a balance between a laidback and business feel. Awaken a sense of inspiration, drive, and passion. Keep an eye on creative office design trends and get ahead of the pack. You should be able to increase retention rates, attract top talent, and work miracles for the overall efficiency of the organization.