Blogging is a great way to build brand awareness, drive traffic to your site, boost your inbound marketing efforts, or even make income.

But let’s be honest. Writing engaging and informative blog posts consistently, and running a successful blog isn’t easy.

That said, there is always an opportunity to learn from experts who are already successful in the industry.

And that’s why here’s a list of best blogs that offer resourceful and practical advice to help bloggers like you become better at blogging. 

Today we picked out five blogs after weeding out the lower quality blogs.

1. ShoutMeLoud

ShoutMeLoud is one of the best platforms out there to learn about WordPress, SEO, starting a blog, and making money online.

This platform empowers individuals to grow their careers in digital marketing. 

Harsh Agrawal is the pioneering blogger who founded this WordPress-centric blog way back in 2008. The blog has many awards to its name, making it a trusted resource to follow.

Additionally, ShoutMeLoud gives you access to a plethora of practical tips on creating, growing, and monetizing not just your blog but also your social media presence and podcast. The site also offers valuable deals and recommendations on hosting and eBooks.

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2. Blogging Basics 101

Owned by Jessica Knapp, who has been blogging and helping online businesses grow since 2006, Blogging Basics 101 is an excellent blog for beginners and intermediate bloggers. It offers plenty of tips about blogging and content marketing. Besides, it teaches you how to start a blog and earn passive income.

The blog is internationally recognized, and you’ll see it getting featured on popular platforms like Mashable. It even got featured on Hubspot’s list of  “10 Amazing Blogs About Blogging to Start Reading NOW.”

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3. Ahrefs Blog

If you want to ace your SEO strategy, Ahrefs’ Blog is one of the best SEO blogs out there to follow right now. You will learn how to grow your organic traffic, how to optimize your on-page SEO, how to build links, and more through their guides and case studies.

The CEO of Ahrefs is Dmitry Gerasimenko, someone who is passionate about search engines. He runs this blog with the assistance of an amazing team of knowledgeable experts in several areas.

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4. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is, without any doubt, the guru of digital marketing. Every digital marketer follows his blog to get helpful insights on different areas related to digital marketing.

SEO tactics, social media marketing, lead generation tips, generating quick income through blogging, starting WordPress blogs – you name it, and this guy has all the tricks up his sleeves. Plus, his guides are remarkably easy to follow and have valuable examples and stats to support the written content.

Plus, Neil Patel is a multi-millionaire digital marketing entrepreneur. He founded Crazy Egg and Hello Bar and formed and sold many successful companies, including the Quicksprout.

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5. Buffer Blog

No one gives better tips on social media and online marketing than experts at Buffer. The platform has separate categories for social media marketing, Instagram marketing, news and trends, social analytics, best apps and tools, and more to help you grow your brand and business.

The platform is owned by Buffer itself – definitely a must-follow blog in online marketing and blogging space.

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There you have it! 5 popular blogs that give practical tips and helpful advice to help you get better at blogging. 

Whether you are struggling to make income through blogging or need expert tips on generating more leads or building brand awareness, these platforms will help you gain more knowledge. 

The best part is that these blogs are suitable for beginners and even veterans who want to pick up new trends.