Once your company has found the best talent and recruited HR professionals to fit your culture and values perfectly, it’s crucial to implement effective HRM strategies and perhaps HR software can be of assistance. Once the pandemic subsides, it’s no secret that many will decide to continue working from home, whether it’s full time or a few days a week, depending on the flexibility of the employer. With the future of remote work, it may be more difficult to manage and communicate with employees working from different locations.

Employee holiday requests, time off, time tracking, performance management, onboarding processes, payroll management… if you’re an HR manager or work in the HR department, it’s likely these sound familiar. If you want to know how to manage all these administrative, timely tasks in one platform, I suggest you keep reading!

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Digitize your HR processes

Companies have been forced to overcome many challenges facing the critical situation caused by Covid-19. This has led to the emergence of more innovative, digital work strategies. Over the lockdown period, you may have adjusted to some temporary coping mechanisms, enabling your business to run as smoothly as possible. However, it’s likely this isn’t sustainable for the future of work. 

In order to reach maximum productivity and motivate your workers, it’s time you implement HR software to your daily work.  As well as automating all your HR processes, it will save you heaps of time so you can focus on what really matters- the people!  It’s time to move on from the past and adopt this new way of work, in order to remain competitive. HR processes are only becoming more complicated. How are you possibly going to manage this when your company grows?

4 clues you’re ready to embrace HRMS

Still not convinced HR software is for you? If any of these sound familiar, perhaps it’s time you revolutionize HR.

You’re bombarded with administrative tasks 

If you’re busy filling out holiday request forms manually, inputting data into spreadsheets or checking hours worked from a piece of paper, it’s time you adopt HR software. Just because you’re ‘busy’ it doesn’t mean you’re optimizing your time! It’s likely you have to flick through multiple files to find important information and this can get lost so easily. Factorial’s HR solution will automate these tasks in one place; so you can find important documents easily,  speed up communication, and respond to your employees more quickly. 

Your workers are all over the place (literally!)

There has been a huge increase of flexible working, with employees working from different locations, it’s much harder to monitor who is working on what projects and how much work is getting completed 

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Your worker’s may struggle to stay motivated working from home. HR software will help you stay connected, whilst giving employees an overview of the company. Employees can also track hours worked, helping them stick to a suitable routine. They can also request holidays with a simple click either on their laptop or using the mobile app!


You’re not taking maximum advantage of data

Data is found in all areas of HRM and if you’re not already using it, you’re living in a time of the past. KPIs (key performance indicators) are really important metrics to analyze HR data. HR software companies, like Factorial, will give you an overview of personalized reports based on your company data.  This way you can notice certain trends and patterns, to identify which areas of the business need improving. 

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You’re too busy to pay attention to strategic thinking

Manual, administrative tasks are normally boring and unnecessary. Let HR software organize these processes for you so you can focus on driving change, increasing efficiency, and improving employee satisfaction.

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