Translation services have become the backbone of modern business in a globalized world. And it isn’t just businesses that need translation services. From authors who want their books to be published in different languages to people who are immigrating to different parts of the world, the clientele for translation business is growing globally. This growth in demand has also led to thousands of new service providers entering the market.

Today you can hire services from different parts of the world and get your content translated in quick time. This also means that you need to be careful in your choice of a tarnation agency. Along with agencies that offer high-quality services there are many fly by night operators in the market who only care for a quick buck often at the cost of their unsuspecting clients receiving poor quality output. Hence you need to keep your eyes wide open while hiring a service provider and here are five factors that you should consider while choosing a translation services agency –

  1. Cultural Knowhow – While you can choose a translator from anywhere in the world it pays to hire native translators. While a person sitting in India can offer you translation services from English to German and perhaps at lower costs. But hiring a native German linguist can benefit you in several ways. Native translators have a better understanding of German culture and way of life and this plays a very important role especially if you are planning to enter a new market with your product. While choosing an agency always insist on interviewing the translator who works on your project as the output would solely depend on his or her skills and command over the language.
  2. Expertise – One of the reasons why several businesses and individuals err in their judgment while hiring a translation services agency is due to the complete ignorance of this factor. While great command over the language is an essential skill that every translator should bring to the table they also need to have a good idea about the domain they are working on. A translator who has received a great review from his/her client in translating a book may not be the best choice when it comes to translating a legal document. When you are searching for a translator you should review their expertise in detail. If the agency you had hired in the past doesn’t have expertise in the domain of your current project you should knock another door. Lack of expertise in a domain leads to sub-standard translation and this is something you must avoid.
  3. Languages Served – One of the important things to look for in a service provider is the number of languages they are dealing in. While they need to have good command over the two languages related to your project, hiring an agency that has expertise in other languages is a part of thinking ahead. You may be planning to enter newer markets in the future and it is always preferable to work with an agency that deals in all major languages in the world. When you have a need in the future for another language you won’t have to go through the same process of agency selection or have to work with two different agencies which add to your hassles.
  4. Turnaround Time – In the world of business timing something right can be the difference between great success and average performance. Hence you should always look at the turnaround time that the agency promises. Work with agencies that adhere to strict deadlines and also accept penalty clauses in case of delay. This is a sign of professionalism and also shows that the agency has resources to deal with a project of your scale. Agencies that don’t agree with strict deadlines are often those that scout for freelancers after they have taken up a new project and hence they have little control over quality.
  5. Cost – Last but not least you need to keep an eye on the cost of the project. There are agencies that would lure you with their unbelievable quotes and in most cases equally disappoint you with their services. You need to avoid agencies that bank on price as their sole USP. On the contrary, agencies that charge you the highest may also be charging you more than what they should. Hence you should shortlist few agencies and ask quotes from them before settling for one that promises you the best quality coupled with value for money.

To conclude: choosing the appropriate translation services is a key business decision. It can decide the success or failure of your business activities and also have deep legal implications. By keeping these five factors in mind you’ll be able to choose the right agency and meet your desired goals with translation services.

Summary: In this write-up, we took a look at five factors that you need to keep in mind when choosing translation services.