33 Thought-provoking Questions to Ask Yourself Before Writing a Blog Post

How many times have you run out of ideas of what to write next for your small business website? It is quite common: a topic needs to meet various criteria, such as awareness of your target audience and their needs. Moreover, you also have to respond to these needs and solve their burning issue. Basically, your content corresponds to your business plan, since the end goal is to rank higher, have more customers/ visitors and, therefore, sales.

When it comes to your website and its content, we assume that UI is done impeccably, the way experts from TuiSpace, a Houston web design company never fail to live up to. The same goes for UX since these two are significant aspects of any digital business.

At this point, we won’t discuss website content. Rather, it’s blog content we’ll be talking about because that is one of the most efficient ways to organically reach your audience.

One way to do so is to truly dedicate your time and effort to do detailed research and find out what’s meaningful to your website visitors, then write about it. Another is to follow the industry leaders, which is also important.

Asking the Right Question

Yet what we’re going to offer is not a ready-made list of topics, but questions you need to ask yourself to decide in the process. What’s unique about this approach, suggested by OptinMonster, is that it’s not about the topic itself, but the brainstorming process that will teach you how to come up with the ideas quickly and efficiently. The philosophy behind it is the familiar one of, we’ll paraphrase, “catch a man a fish, they’ll have one nice dinner; teach them how to fish, they’ll never be hungry”.

Here we go:

Writing About Your Business/ Promotional Content

  1. How can one use your product/ service creatively?
  2. Can you compare your products to others in terms of quality, usefulness, practicality, price?
  3. What is the one thing that makes you stand out?
  4. What is your best-selling product’s main feature?
  5. What was your favorite product/service and why? Is it your customers’ favorite one as well?
  6. Are you allowed to write about your customers as a case study?
  7. Is it the time for company/ product/ service updates and how is it going to change your customer’s experience?
  8. Is your company history interesting? Can you turn it into a three-part story revealing exciting bits?
  9. What problem did you have yourself that you couldn’t find a solution for, making you decide to build a business?
  10. What are your business goals for the future that you’re sure will make your customers remain loyal?
  11. Who is the industry pioneer and would you consider interviewing them? How is your path different? Consider comparing the tendencies.
  12. Do you think your customers know how your product/service work? A detailed process description is useful indeed.
  13. Do you get a lot of the same questions about your product? Think about a FAQ post to answer those. Update it frequently.
  14. If you were a customer, would you have any specific questions?

Helping Others

  1. Would you help a novice with tips and tricks of the industry? How?
  2. What are some business insights that you’ve reached yourself, but wished someone else had told you?
  3. How have you disrupted your industry? What was your thought process?
  4. Can you explain terminology, abbreviations, and frequently misunderstood concepts?
  5. Is there any product/ service other than yours that you find complementary to your product, or that you wish you’d come up with first?
  6. Is your company socially responsible and ethical? In what ways does it promote social wellbeing, both within the company and generally?
  7. Stretch your imagination: have you ever looked at exciting job openings at other companies that you’d consider applying for? Why do you find it enticing?

Further Brainstorming/ Analyses and Inspiration

  1. Do you have your own checklist when deciding to pay for a product/service? Can your customers use it for your product/service?
  2. What is your go-to blog in the field, and why is it influential? How can you recreate it in your content marketing model?
  3. Do your customers follow trends, and which? Can you make predictions, based on your experience?
  4. Do you follow the latest research in your industry?
  5. What are the most read blogs on your website and why?
  6. What do statistics say that is controversial in reality?
  7. Are you particularly excited about any upcoming news in your industry?
  8. Do you find that any online debate regarding your industry deserves a long, detailed response, or your view?
  9. What inspiring and important keynote speakers/podcast have you listened to that you’d like to write about? Why are they inspiring/ important/ influential?
  10. Have you Vox-popped your audience about what they’d like to know?
  11. What do you find most frustrating when it comes to business operation in general?
  12. What are myths and facts regarding your business?
  13. What is the most dissatisfying situation you’ve encountered with your customer and what have you learned?


We recreated a list of 33 thought-provoking questions to make you reflect on the essence of ideas, not just the titles. You may come up with various hypotheses around one question.

Generally speaking, all of the above typically revolve around the customers and your business, either alone, or compared to the industry. Many of these questions are prone to changes, do revise them from time to time.

Think about these.

You can always write about all products individually, but comparing and contrasting them, while offering the best possible solution will go a long way with the customers.

Author Bio:
James Barnes
is an experienced wedding organizer and blogger at theannexevents.com. He specialized in organizing outdoor wedding events. When he isn’t writing about weddings and marital life, David usually goes swimming or playing squash.