Whether you are planning to start a business or already have one, having an app is a prerequisite these days. A responsive app design benefits the business with better leads and more conversions.

And to create an interactive app, you need to focus on various important details so that the app is user-friendly and excels in the market. Apart from creative ideas, the process of app design includes proper planning and professional knowledge for execution.

Factors such as user interface, complexity, layout, user experience, and navigation have a huge impact on the cost of app design. There is no set price for app design; however, you may create an estimate depending upon the features and functions that you may be looking to embed in the app.

You should have a clear budget plan and cost optimization tricks to add the essential features while conserving capital. And in this article, we’ll discuss the factors determining the cost of app design so that you can get a better cost estimate for your project.

The Cost of App

Depending upon the type of the app, you may have to spend anywhere from $500 to thousands of dollars on it. With multiple features, you may get overwhelmed and may spend a lot on the design. However, more budget may not always imply a good design.

Therefore, you need to formulate an optimized strategy to get the most out of your resources. The design cost of the app depends on various factors. Two of the most critical ones are complexity and the region where it is designed. 

A simple app may cost you up to $10,000. On the other hand, a complex hybrid app may cost anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000.

This includes research, analysis, planning, execution, and testing of the app design to ensure it is ready to hit the market. So, you may make a better estimate of the time required to create the design.

Factors that Influence the Cost of App

Here are some key factors that affect the overall cost of the app design:

The Complexity of App: Number of Roles, Number of Features, The Complexity of Business Logic

An app with minimum features and elements will be less complex and less expensive to create. Similarly, an app with complex features such as streaming, calling, online consultations, and purchases may add more to the design cost.

You have to juggle between pre-designing planning, designing phase, and adding final tweaks to the apps. This may require a unique approach and a substantial timeline to come to something valuable.

The design cost will also depend on the type of platform, such as iOS, Android, and web. Also, the addition of AR, VR, ML, and AI will make your app technologically sound and increase the design cost.

In the design phase, you will need ample brainpower and professional tools to design the app. So, hire according to the required skill set to avoid any discrepancies in the design. Make sure you have a strategy to work around the edits and new additions in the end.

The sort of design: Native or Hybrid

A 2018 mobile application development research focuses on the accessibility, appealing interface, and pedagogically constructions of the app for a better design. Different aspects will be impactful on various users due to differences in perception. Therefore, you may need to consider all the users while creating an app.

Nativity to a mobile app design means that you need to follow the platform-specific design guidelines and element placements. If you are creating a native application for specific platforms such as Android or iOS, you will have to follow specific guidelines. This implies all the elements and navigation buttons need to be cohesive with the platform.

Native apps are expensive and require more development time. On the other hand, hybrid apps are less expensive and quicker to develop. Besides, hybrid apps launch quickly for both iOS and Android platforms, providing a larger consumer market. 

A hybrid app may prove to be more rewarding as you will have a unique design that will add to the brand value. Moreover, the developer has the full freedom to experiment and be creative. So, the end product will be worth the money and efforts.

The team: how many doers you need, their level, type, and location

You may hire a local agency or freelancers to design the website. Besides, you can also outsource design and marketing as per your budget. Most apps may require months (3-9) amounting to approximately 400-500 hours for the app design. Therefore, you will need to hire the team either on an hourly basis or on a contract.

The prices of hiring a team may depend upon the level of their qualification and experience. You may be amazed to know that a local employee may charge higher than a freelancer. However, you will have better communication with the local agencies and get on-time deliveries.

You will pay about $75 per hour to a local agency in the US. A freelancer may cost between $15 and $25 for an hour. However, outsourcing the work in Ukraine may have an initial price of $30 per hour. The freelancer fee and the outsourcing cost may vary greatly based on the country. So, choose wisely!

If you hire a freelancer, he/she may not feel the same responsibility of work, and there may be a delay. For designing an app, you may need a developer, designer, UI/UX writer, and a manager to oversee the work. You may employ some tools like Figma to reduce the design requirements or hire people who can multitask.

The Landing Page Builder Tools may minimize the people needed to create and code. Moreover, it will help save time designing the app, and you may channel it into other digital marketing strategies.

Bottom Line

Now you know all about the factors that affect the cost of app design. Creating an intuitive app is more than arranging a few elements and spending money. Apart from the app idea, you need to decide on the complexity, features, and functions of the app. With all the factors in mind, you will choose the best team and platform for your app.